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The History Behind Your Favorite CNY Goodies

Most Chinese New Year treats are typically devoured without a second thought, but they actually have more meaning than you might realize. Discover the histories behind some of these foods to learn how they were inspired by a variety of things, such as Chinese auspicious beliefs, Malay and Peranakan culture and epic love affairs. Not […]

How To Make The Best CNY Love Letters

Chinese New Year is just a few days away and we’re so excited to get the festivities going. Aside from the much anticipated new year reunion dinners, we’re also looking forward to devouring all the decadent CNY goodies. From pineapple tarts, kuih bangkits, salted egg fish skin and arrowhead chips, we’re excited to enjoy all […]

Must-Try Mooncakes For The Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake Banner

Whether you prefer the traditional version or you’re a fan of the more uniquely inspired mooncakes, it has become a great way to express creativity all while maintaining the ode to tradition.  The practice of offering sacrifices to the moon has given way to a celebration of the festival with family and friends. Friends and […]